Solar Opposition

The Solar Opposition is something we all go through every year, it is the exact opposite time of our solar return (birthday). In looking at transiting planets in astrology, in correlation to ones natal (birth) chart – we can see that someones sun is at a specific degree in any of the 12 zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign is 30 degrees in length ranging from 0-29. Take me for example, my sun is at 0 degrees Aquarius, so when I am having my exact solar opposition is when the transiting sun is at 0 degree in my opposite sign of Leo. Which by the way it is today, and my experiences with my own solar opposition is what lead me to writing this article to explain Solar Oppositions to you!

Even before I fully understood astrology, I noticed that summers were not my favorite time of year, specifically July. I always felt a little more introverted during the midst of the summer and sometimes for lack of understanding what was really going on, that turned a little bit into depression. Sometimes it pulled me completely out of my element and I went on family vacations – which is the more physical side of this Solar Opposition – and I have always felt alien when traveling anyway. I did not always feel depressed, but I always felt pulled out of my ‘norm’ and to me that is a challenge being a fixed Aquarius. On some years, slight depression, was truly the case. Not full fledged, go get some Prozac depression – but more the type where I felt a little isolated and not completely myself. Being the Aquarian person that I am, my typical personality is very outgoing and friendly, so depending on your typical personality, you may have a totally different feeling during your Solar Opposition, and you would look at where your sun is in your birth chart to analyze your usual personality and then think of the opposite of that and ask yourself – do you too feel this pull of energy between your self too? Although I have studied astrology since I was a teenager, I didn’t truly grasp the transiting planets and how they affected me until I was in my late 20’s – then I started to realize, wait a second there is a rhythm to this and I began looking more and more at the transiting planets, and understood their deep inner rhythm more clearly.

Now that I have explained what exactly it means to physically have a Solar Opposition, I will go into more detail on what it would mean to you. I am going to continue with my own example of a solar opposition, so this would also apply to those of my friends that were born about in the last week of Capricorn and the first week of Aquarius because as I mentioned my natal sun is at o degrees of Aquarius.

Lets take the sun in Aquarius for starters. First off you should know that the sun represents who we are at the core, some of the deeply engrained parts to our personality that shine from within (sometimes the shining is more dark then light – but that is a different story all together). Whatever the case may be for you, where the sun is placed in your natal chart is very important. Which most of you could guess as it is what we refer to ourselves when we say “I am an Aquarius” or whatever sun sign you may be. When the sun is in the same astrological sign as it appears in your natal chart, called your solar return (around your birthday), one can expect to feel a boost in their self-confidence, their inner spirit may seem to shine more brightly and it might seem that we even attract others without even trying. Since my sun is so close to Capricorn (if I were born 6 hours earlier on January 20th, I would have actually had a Capricorn sun (- phew – thank goodness I waited those 6 hours — I love being an Aquairus ;)) BUT, I will also tell you that there is a LOT of Capricorn energy floating around myself and my ego and inner stance of my being – because I am so close to being a Capricorn that the energies of Capricorn and Aquarius sort of meld together. This is what astrologers call a cusp, and different astrologers would argue where the orb of influence for the cusp starts and ends but for this article I will use a 7 degree orb of influence. Since the sun moves around the earth about 1 degree a day, the cusp would include those born roughly between January 13 to January 27. Now, do note that the earth moves around the sun every 365 & 1/4 days (which is why we have leap year every 4 years to make that 1/4 of a day into one whole one). So the exact 0 degrees of Aquarius might not always be on January 20, it could be January 18, or January 22, it really depends on the year, which is one reason I am giving a 7 degree orb of influence for this cusp. That is the same case with each transiting sun into another zodiac sign.

If you were born in the middle of the zodiac sign at say 15 degrees of Libra, then you wouldn’t have the extra energy of the sign before, or after it influencing you. You can figure out what degree your sun is exact by using the astrology-clock on my site and plugging in your birth information. The glyph for the sun is the circle with the dot in it:  sun glyph on the astrology clock, the larger number next to the sun glyph is the degree your sun is in, the smaller number is the minutes, which are simply a further break down of each degree.

So lets go back to the energy of Aquarius & Capricorn too, since I am born on the cusp and all. Some keywords I would use for Aquarius are: friendly, electronic, detached emotionally, creative, active in society, intelligent, social, impersonal, unique, innovative and original. Some keywords I would use for Capricorn are: methodical, practical, brooding, objective, responsible, dry, realistic, follows a plan. Being that I am on the Aquarius side of this cusp, I feel I embody a lot of the Aquarius attributes, I am most of what I mentioned in the above keywords, and at the same time I am a lot of what I listed in the Capricorn attributes as well, but somewhat to a lesser degree. I believe this combination of being unique and original, gives me the ability to use some of the Capricorn attributes of being responsible and realistic to the forefront.

So lets say that’s is what I feel I represent at my inner core, someone that has those attributes. During my solar return (birthday) the transiting sun illuminates those things in myself, helping me to embody my inner Spirit and let is shine forward.Hence the good feelings that a lot of us experience during our solar returns.

When we look at the solar opposition for me with a 0 degree Aquarius sun, we look at the later days of Cancer and the early days of Leo. Lets start with Cancer, some keywords I would suggest for cancer are emotional, attached, moody, interested in a close net family or small circle of friends, loner, security-conscious, protective and sensitive. Then we look at the attributes of Leo: gregarious, outlandish, creative, vital, proud, loyal, personal, sincere, boosting, likes being on stage or the center of attention and kind.

You can see some similarities between the two signs that are directly opposite of each other such as Capricorn & Cancer – some of those similarities are opposites and some have deeply engrained energies that are at the root core the same. Same with how Aquarius and Leo have similar energies between them as well as opposite attributes. This is because the two zodiac signs that are opposite each other, can either complement one another or completely contradict one another. In astrology there is always an ebb and a flow of each aspect, planet, sign or otherwise – I like to refer to that as the higher octave or the lower octave or expression of each sign, planet or aspect.

So when we look at a solar opposition between Aquarius on the cusp of Capricorn, and Leo on the cusp of Cancer – the Aquarian that usually embodies self-confidence, an out going personality, someone who likes to follow somewhat of an “organized chaos” way of doing things that is very interconnected in the world — might feel a little bit of a tug and pull towards being more inward instead of out-going, or having someone challenge their self-confidence, or (Goddess FORBID) – push the Aquarian into a more set schedule. Those sorts of things have the Aquarius instantly feel like rebelling against. All of this push and pull energy can make one feel like they are out of sorts, like the world is somewhat working against them or things plain suck.


You could look at it as a time of going within and not fighting the internal desire to be out in the public, you could look at the criticism that you might encounter as constructive even though it may not have come off that way – or just let it roll off your shoulder (as us Aquarius tend to do anyway). You could also honor your feelings of solitude maybe even a little more. I know plenty of Aquarian’s that work well alone, and deal with their things in normal life from a space of solitude – but they still have a desire to go out in the world. During the solar opposition for this group of people, they may feel more withdrawn and pulled between the energies of what the world wants and expects us to be like, and how we feel.

I hope this example of my personal solar opposition gives you some insight into how you can look at your own. I think for all of us it is a really good time to revert back into ourselves, take inventory of the events and happenings that occurred since our solar return (birthday) 6 months prior – then set some goals and intentions of where you would like to be on your next solar return in 6 months! I find times of introspection like this is very healing and instead of making it more like depression or a feeling that life is just off – it is learning to adjust with the ebb and the flow of the universe.

One of the beautiful things that I also see in this solar opposition is the ability to see what is inside of you. An awesome analogy that I have often heard by Wayne Dyer is this – If you squeeze an orange, what comes out? – Of course, you think – orange juice. – So if something squeezes you, what comes out of you? Is that anger, frustration, impatience, or is it calmness, serenity, employment of all those methods of keeping us sane, like meditation deep breathing etc. (I am paraphrasing the awesome Dr Dyer with this whole scenario) but I did want to explain that, when your solar opposition is in effect, those kinds of things have the opportunity to pop up. It is a great time for you to figure out when you are squeezed, what comes out? Is it what you want to come out? If not, how can I adjust that and see it come to fruition the next time around?

It’s all about awareness, and this is what I love so dearly about astrology. I do not believe a certain aspect or planetary placement will make you anything – but I do see the correlation of the planetary aspects and how people react to that and for that it makes astrology real to me. Being aware of you, and being aware of the cosmos and how that affect you allows your awareness to be enhanced for the better, or make you absolutely nuts. The decision is up to you!


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