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Usui Reiki I – Distant Self Learning Course & Attunement



Usui Level I – Self Directed Distant Learning Course & Distant Attunement

In this course, you are given a Usui Reiki level I PDF file with the basic information you would need to be a Usui Reiki I practitioner. This way you are allowed to study the manual at your leisure and when you are ready to do the attunement, all you do is simply contact Starlene or her assistant through the Contact page and set up the time for the attunement or ask for a chi-ball. If you do not know what a chi ball is, please go here to read about Reiki chi balls.

After paying for the course, you will be automatically emailed with a download link to the manual, you have 14 days to download it and save it to your computer. If you have any difficulty in doing so, just contact us and we can email it to you directly. You are given the opportunity to download it only 5 times so if somehow you need to download it more than that, or it doesn’t work just let us know.

Email support is given during the process, so if you have any questions Starlene will be happy to guide you via email through this self-directed course.

Once the attunement is complete, you are able to do in person treatments & distant treatments for Usui Reiki level I. After some time of working with Usui Reiki level I (at least a week or more) you can then decide to move to Usui Reiki level II if you like, which can be done in a similar manner. – My suggestion is to take your time in receiving the attunements to allow each level to integrate into your aura.

If you prefer a class type setting where you can converse with Starlene and ask questions verbally, we do offer a private tele-class and distant attunement session after the private tele-class. Just click here to get to the page about the private Usui Reiki I tele-class to read more.

With this Usui Reiki I Distant Self Learning Course you will receive:

  1. Usui Reiki I Manual by Starlene
  2. Email support
  3. Blank Certificate (if requested that) you can print and fill out.

Or you can purchase a printed certificate, signed by Starlene & with the Light And Love Reiki Therapies gold seal on it by going to this link and adding it to your cart, once purchased you will not receive the certificate until the attunement is complete and you must contact us with the information requested on the certificate page for us to send you one.

I welcome you to contact us with any questions before going further, we realize that choosing a Reiki Master Teacher is a very personal decision and it is my desire to be able to make my courses & classes affordable and available to everyone! I realize that not everyone can find a Usui Reiki master teacher in their area or can afford the fees sometimes associated with an in-person class so I find doing it in this manner is helpful to those that wouldn’t otherwise be able to be attuned to Reiki.

I have been doing this sort of work for over 10 years and practicing Usui Reiki for almost 20 years now myself, so I know a thing or two about Reiki :)

Feel free to contact us with any questions, either myself or one of my assistants will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Namaste, Starlene Breiter RMT

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