Money Seed Reiki Distant Energy Attunement



Money Seed Reiki is about giving away which you feel you do not have, in an effort to receive more money by, for example, intentionally dropping something everyone has- a Penney (or your country’s equivalent) and charging up every Penney you find with the Money Seed energy. This then in effect makes the penny “worth” more than its face value. A specific dollar amount is not guaranteed, such as $100 per each penny, but just imagining that it represents more, whatever feels comfortable to you can bring you a real sense of being in the feeling of “flow” in your relationship with money.

“By dropping pennies on the ground or giving them away,” states the creator of this modality of Reiki, “…you are opening yourself up to new money flow.” And as I myself who is attuned to this modality encourages: Why limit yourself with limited thoughts?! Your intentions are the limit!

Using Money Seed Reiki is simple.

Get a penny, or any small coin, and charge it with the symbol (provided within the manual and your attunement) then, give the coin away. You can drop it on the street, give it to someone else, leave it on a counter, put it in a tip jar, hide it in a library book– use your imagination! Just give it away and watch what grows and have fun!

Please note that everyone has a different relationships with money so depending on yours, different results very from person to person.
The manual also contains 3 “Rules” and 1 per-requisite:
1. Try to give a penny away each day, but if you miss a day, you can give a few pennies at a time. (Or you can choose to give pennies away once a week or at other regular intervals.)
2. Don’t feel you have to give more away than just a penny. A penny is enough, but you can give more if guided.
3. If you see a penny (or any coins on the ground), you must pick it up and keep it. Put it in your penny box to give away later.


Most people to be attuned to Money Seed Reiki should already be Reiki Masters or at least Level II. If not, it should be made sure that you have had a Reiki session in the past week (at minimum).

you will receive:
Money Seed Reiki Attunement
Money Seed Reiki blank digital certificate (if requested)
Money Seed Reiki paper Certificate can be purchased via this link.
Money Seed Manual with attunement process so you can attune others
I will be happy to answer any and all of your questions about this attunement, so please feel free to ask anything.

Once payment has been sent, you are given a link to download the manual, then you can contact us and let us know you want a chi-ball attunement or to schedule a real-time attunement. Whichever you prefer, just use the contact us page and let us know.

Also a blank certificate is given upon request, if you would like to purchase one with the Light And Love Reiki seal on it, you can add it to your cart via going to this page and adding a certificate to your order.

Namaste, Rev. Starlene Breiter RMT