Rose Quartz Power Stone
Rose Quartz Power StoneRose Quartz Power StoneRose Quartz Power StoneRose Quartz Power Stone

My Soothed Heart – Rose Quartz Power Stone – Reiki Infused Crystal – 5097



★ This beautiful polished power stone is made up of rose quartz mineral and is charged with loving healing Reiki energy by me before I ship it off to you. (unless you ask me not to charge it, then I won’t).

This healing rose quartz power stone makes my heart chakra buzz and all my anxiety just seems to melt away. It has such a lovely feeling to it, one that is heart-felt and positive. I can see this being a wonderful meditation tool for someone or to use in a healing session. Be sure to read the article I have written below about the metaphysical lore of rose quartz and its healing properties.

★ Rock Specks

Size: 3  inches by 2 & 1/4 inches (approx)

Weight: 10.8 ounces (308 grams)

Color: Pink

Type of stone: Rose Quartz

Vibrates to the Number: 7

Hardness: 7

Planet: Venus

Chakra: 5th – Heart

Element: Water

Astrological: Taurus & Libra

Magickal Uses: Healing the Heart Chakra, Inducing Love, Heart & Circulatory Disorders, Sexual Imbalances, Grief, Trauma


My notes about these Rocks

Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone for working with the heart chakra and tapping into your compassionate side. This stone would also make a wonderful piece for the inside of a healing grid or as a companion to carry around with you throughout the day. Be sure to read the article I have written below about this stone and its metaphysical healing properties.

Power Stones
Power stones are large stones that are raw or polished on all sides. The purpose of having a power stone is to bring you the energy of the particular type of gemstone that they are created out of. You can use your power stones in healing or in meditation, also since the power stone is smooth on all sides it fits nicely in the palm of your hand or used in massage.

Power stones are a perfect way to have the energy of that particular stone overflowing in the room. They tend to radiate energy outward from the center when placed in a room. Power stones are helpful at creating a shield of energy in any particular area. They are great placed on your desk or on or around your healing room as they radiate energy in a bubble of energy around them.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

To read the full article on the metaphysical healing properties of Rose Quartz, click here.

Reiki practitioners use Rose Quartz a lot in healing sessions. It works well by removing the blockages that sometimes happen in the chakra system. Rose quartz is specifically helpful for one that is working on unblocking the heart chakra and releasing karmic emotional energies.— click here to read more…

Rose Quartz is also associated with the water element and the signs of Libra and Taurus.


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Dimensions 3 x 2 & 1/2 in