Raw Pink Tourmaline
Raw Pink TourmalineRaw Pink TourmalineRaw Pink TourmalineRaw Pink TourmalineRaw Pink Tourmaline

9 Pink Tourmaline Gemstones – For Love and Positive People in Your Life – 5232



Pink tourmaline is a wonderful stone for opening up the heart chakra and bringing love and compassion into ones experience. These soothing and loving pink tourmaline gemstones are blessed with Reiki energy and would make a wonderful reiki energy crystal grid for LOVE with them. I know whoever winds up with these stones will love it! I was able to get these pink tourmaline stones for an inexpensive price, and therefore I am passing the savings on to my clients, typically pink tourmaline is expensive!

These beautiful raw gemstones are made of a pink tourmaline and are charged with loving healing Reiki energy by me before I ship them off to you. (unless you ask me not to charge them, then I won’t)

You will get the same tourmaline stones in the picture, so there are no surprises.


★ Rock Specks

Size approximate: 7/8 inch each one

Weight: .5 ounce (15 grams) all of them

Type of stone: Pink Tourmaline

Chakra: Higher Heart Chakra

Astrological: Libra

Element: Water

Magickal Uses: Self Love, Emotional Balancing, Protection


★ My notes about these Rocks
Pink tourmaline is a stone that resonates with the higher heart chakra. There are two parts to each of the chakras, the higher and lower parts. Each part of the chakra deals with the spiritual element and the physical element of what that chakra governs. The higher heart chakra deals with the spiritual love and connection we have with the spirit realms. This stone is perfect for helping you work on those relationships that connect us with our spirit or those that we feel we have shared past lives with. You can use this tourmaline stone to draw that sort of love into your life or help heal those relationships we are already in like that.

These stones would be great to hold on to, it is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. Be sure to read the article I have written below about this stone and its metaphysical healing properties.



Metaphysical Healing Properties of Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is a wonderful stone for opening up the heart chakra and bringing love and compassion into ones experience. This soothing and loving pink tourmaline feels so wonderful in your hands.

Astrologically Pink Tourmaline is connected with the zodiac sun sign of Libra.
To read more about lore of Pink Tourmaline, click here.

Please Note about Pictures & Sizing
All of our sizes are marked in approximate. It is impossible for us to be 100% perfect 100% of the time. (We are working on the perfect part though 😉 ) if you need the exact size, we will be more than happy to remeasure any of the stones for you, just contact us and let us know which stone you want us to re-measure!

Also note that in the pictures the stones are usually larger than real life, so please look at the measurements to know what the actual size is. Often we to photograph a US quarter with the stones, in most pictures you will see one or part of one to compare with the size of the stone. We like to take close-ups so you can see them as easily as possible and we have a professional studio so the pictures are typically clear & slightly larger than actual size pictures, just please note the sizes before purchasing so there is no confusion.

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