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New Life Reiki Distant Attunement



New Life Reiki is an energy stream designed by Stephanie Brail to help you move forward along your life path. In this manual, you will learn one Symbol, which I believe is pretty powerful! Wait until you see it.

“If you are feeling the need to get unstuck from situations in your current way of life, it will help you break free of the old energy pattern. If your life is a “Tilt-a-Whirl,” and going in too many wrong directions at once, then New Life Reiki will calm things down and help you get centered on the kind of life that’s right for you,” Stephanie states in the manual.

Here are some examples of how New Life Reiki works.

  1. You may feel it’s suddenly easier to let go of unnecessary expenses that have been causing you financial stress.
  2. You may be inspired to find a new way to communicate with your siblings or boss or discover a better way to run your business.
  3. You may come up with a creative solution, such a moving somewhere where your living expenses are lower, or that just generally makes you happier.
  4. Sometimes, however, it will work on a more subtle level. For example, you may just find yourself naturally less drawn to certain types of toxic people, organizations and things that have been draining your energy.

New Life Reiki Is also about Letting Go with the letting go exercise included in the manual. Release the old to attain the new. Pretty powerful, yet simple!

You will receive:

  • New Life Reiki Attunement
  • New Life Reiki blank digital Certificate (if requested)
  • New Life Reiki paper Certificate can be purchased via this link.
  • New Life Reiki Manual with attunement/Spiritual Empowerment process so you can attune others

The Manual comes with a Spiritual Empowerment that it explains how to perform, but you are also welcome to use any existing attunement method you are already familiar with. There are no mistakes that can be made.

So, feeling like you need more direction in your New Life?

I will be happy to answer any and all of your questions about this attunement, so please feel free to ask anything.

Once payment has been sent, you are given a link to download the manual, then you can contact us and let us know you want a chi-ball attunement or to schedule a real-time attunement. Whichever you prefer, just use the contact us page and let us know.

Also a blank certificate is given upon request, if you would like to purchase one with the Light And Love Reiki seal on it, you can add it to your cart via going to this page and adding a certificate to your order.

Namaste, Rev. Starlene Breiter RMT