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CLEAR YOUR SPACE CANDLE – Have you ever wanted to clear the energy in your space and bring some good energy to you? Sage is awesome for doing just that! Many people burn sage to clear the energy and draw positive energy into their area. Well with this candle, you wont need to burn sage, just light the candle and let it do its job!

This amazing candle is colored sage and scented sage or lemongrass and sage (you get to pick), it is about 4 inches tall (give or take a little) and comes in a twisted octagon shape. I then use a silver candle rub on it to make it shimmer a little and paint the edges with silver paint to make it totally unique. Since the candles are made to order they are all slightly different in their appearance, so please understand the nature of their beauty and allow for its uniqueness to come forward!

You get to choose which scent you want it ~~

  • Lemongrass & Sage
  • Sage

Please note when checking out which scent you would like otherwise it will stall the process of us making your candle.

I make all my candles and infuse them with Reiki in the process. I use my candles to help bring tranquility and peace forward :)

Each handmade candle order is given with a little gift from mother earth, sometimes its a river rock we collected just for you – sometimes its a gemstone, but each handmade candle order is given something… what with your order contain?? hmmm..

The picture you see is not the actual candle you will receive. I have already sold this one to someone, and when you place your order I will make yours fresh. So it may be slightly different the one in the picture, but I promise it will be soooo nice when you get it! I have a small work shop set up to make candles as needed. I prefer to make them that way so they are not just sitting on a shelf loosing their beautiful color and scent. (which all store-bought candles do) Mine smell the strongest that you can make them, I use the highest yield of scent per candle so they are FRAGRANT!!

It may take 7 and up to 14 days for me to ship candles out, because they are freshly made to order – but trust me, they are worth the wait! I have customers tell me all the time how awesome they smell, they can even smell them through the box I ship them in a lot of the time! Also I offer big shipping discounts when you buy more than one, contact me if you are interested in more than 3 for the discount!

I hope you enjoy them, if you’re looking for a specific candle that is for a specific chakra, occasion, or thing you are working through like bringing love, prosperity, health ect to you,,, please look through my store! I have many candles designs that I made for different purposes and I also do custom candles too!

Light and Blessings, Starlene

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