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30 Minute Tarot, Angel or Oracle Consultation by Starlene Breiter

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Need some answers?

Got some questions?

Then check out this 30 minute intuitive consultation by me, Starlene. If you are looking for a other consultations by me, click those links to be taken to those offers.

With this consultation ~ I can use my angel cards, faery cards, spirit guide cards or my tarot cards – or a number of other oracle decks I have if you like… I can help guide you with the archetypes of the cards on different areas of your life. I do not read the cards in a completely traditional sense, I use them as a tool to help me connect intuitively to you, and act as the vessel for the information to come forward to you.

Whatever type of oracle suits you is fine with me. I am happy to use my connection with Tarot, the Angels or Spirit Guides!

Once you make payment you can use the contact me page to email or I will email you soon to schedule.

Namaste, Starlene Breiter