Prosperity is Mine Intention Candle – Organized Chaos Line (USA Shipping FREE)



This beautiful Organized Chaos Intention Candle is called *Prosperity Is Mine* because as it was made, I infused it with Money Seed Reiki, and put gemstones such as tiger eye and jasper that will help you to be stable and draw prosperity into your life.

They smell divine, with a hint of prosperous green apple & ylang-ylang —both of those scents smell AMAZING together and the colors in it are green with gold shimmer and gold on the bottom with a hint of sparkles to remind you of prosperity! As the candle is burning the different shades of wax smell differently, so the green at the top is more green apple – which is a symbol of prosperity and towards the bottom when you get to the gold colored wax, you smell ylang-ylang a flower that is a symbol of exotic and luxury.

The candle has tiny gemstones in the top that will fall into the melting wax as the candle burns, allowing the energy of the stones to be activated. All of my Organized Chaos candles are all ONE OF A KIND and can be replicated but never completely reproduced. So not only are you buying a beautiful candle that has a lovely intention behind it – you are buying a one of a kind piece of art too!

Before ordering – please read over the Candle Ordering Information page to know what to expect!


Size Approx: 7.5″ tall by 3″ square (approx)

Color: Green & Gold

Scent: Green Apple & Ylang-Ylang


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