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Silver Hearts That Sparkle Earrings – Reiki Infused Quartz Spheres – Wire Wrapped Earring



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★ Quartz is a great stone to program for any purpose.  It acts as an amplifier to your energy field and will help bring calmness and clarity to you.  I can charge these earrings for any purpose, so let me know, I will be happy to do that before sending them out!  They measure almost 2.75″ inches from tip to tip.

I made these precious earrings with wire wrapped hearts and two pretty quartz spheres attached to them! They are fun and adorable for those of us that love our hearts! (Like meeeee) :) I also have these in gold, check out my shop for those!

I infused these earrings with Reiki energy before sending them to you, so they will be pleasant & energized when you get them! If you don’t know what Reiki is, feel free to read about it on my website:
Thanks for looking and be sure to visit my store and bookmark me as I am always creating something new!
Namaste, Starlene
★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of Quartz
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