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Fairy Heart & Passion Earrings – Reiki Blessed – Kiwi Jasper and Quartz – Thai Silver Studs – 1570



★ I made these adorable and precious earrings with Thai silver Fairy charms.  I connected them to two rose post earrings. (If you would rather them be on French wire earrings instead of studs, I can do that for you too, just put a note in the check out to let me know!) They also have little Kiwi Jasper star beads and two Clear Quartz chip beads to finish them off. I used those stones because they help you connect with the fairy realms and the earthy energy of the fae! They will help you connect with your inner fairy and help you embody the energy of the fae!  They measure about 2.5″ and have rubber backs to them.

I infused these earrings with Reiki energy before sending them to you, so they will be pleasant & energized when you get them! If you don’t know what Reiki is, feel free to read about it on my website:
Thanks for looking and be sure to visit my store and bookmark me as I am always creating something new!
Namaste, Starlene
★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of Kiwi Jasper

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Kiwi Jasper is also known as Sesame Jasper. It is a light sea-foam green color with black and clear mottling in the stone. Kiwi Jasper is a great stone for those that work in the healing profession or those that are counselors or therapists. It is helpful for those that work in the healing realms on behalf of others. —— Click here to read more…

★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of Quartz
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 Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful and energetic healing stones found on earth. It’s unique crystalline form amplifies and harmonizes energy. It brings forth clear thinking, harmony and power. —— Click here to read more…