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Fossil Power Stone – For Releasing Stress & Promoting Contentment – Reiki Infused Crystal – 3983




This beautiful polished power stone is made up of genuine fossil stone, it is a perfect gemstone for sitting on your desk to help promote a calm environment and release the everyday stresses that we all have to contend with. When holding onto a power stone, one can sense the energies of that stone surrounding and enfolding their Spirit into the energies of the stone, this beautiful fossil sphere is no exception!

This stone is energized with Reiki energy before it is mailed off to you (unless you ask me not to then I wont) so it will glow of beautiful energetic glow when you get it. You will get the same stone as in the pictures, so there are no surprises.

★ Rock Specks
Size approx: 3 1/2  inches in diameter

Weight: 9.6 oz (274 grams)

Color: Black & White

Type of stone: Fossil Power Stone

Chakra: All Chakras

Astrological: Virgo

Magickal Uses: Releasing Stress, Healing Bones, Promoting Contentment, Drawing Information From Past Lives, Balancing Yin & Yang

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Fossil Stone:

Fossil Stone was thought of as a gift from the stars that used to enhance telepathic communication between the present and other realms. Metaphysically fossil stone will assist one in business endeavors. Fossil stone will also assist one in manifesting ones accomplishments in business communication and innovation realms. click here to read more about fossil stone.

Astrologically Fossil Stone is connected with the zodiac sun sign of Virgo.

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