Fluorite Slab
Fluorite SlabFluorite SlabFluorite SlabFluorite Slab

Focus Your Creative Energies – XXL FLUORITE SLAB – Reiki Infused Crystal – a241

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This beautiful polished slab is made up of genuine Chinese fluorite gemstone, just perfect for sitting in front of your computer to absorb the electromagnetic energy the computer gives off.

I love, love, love fluorite, and this is one of the stones I always have with me when I need to focus my energy in a certain area! This slab will help the receiver do just that. Fluorite is a perfect stone to help you get organized in life, so it’s a wonderful companion for students as well as for when you are working or just trying to focus your energies.

Rock Specks
Size approx: 4 & 3/5  inches by 5 inches by 5/8 inches thick roughly

Weight: 1 pound .7 oz (475 grams)

Color: Purple, White, Green & Blue

Type of stone: Chinese Fluorite

Chakra: Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Astrological: Aquarius & All Others

Magickal Uses: Absorbs Negative Computer Energy, Acts as a Shield, Helps Focus & Direct Energy

My notes about these Rocks
I kind of like the raw pieces better than say, a pyramid or a sphere – although those are beautiful, a slab that is more true to its natural state, to me, just feels more powerful. This slab is polished on both sides, so it is not entirely raw, but it does have a powerful energy like raw gemstones have.

I love keeping fluorite on my desk when I am writing or working on things. It helps me keep on track and allows me to focus my energy on one task at a time. This slab has a great vibe to it, you could hold it in your hand and meditate with it before working on a project – that will help you focus your energies on that project. I would do this in a meditation before I start the project, and each time I come back to the project.

Namaste ~Starlene

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Fluorite
Metaphysically and spiritually Fluorite is very grounding. It is very helpful if you are trying to learn something, it will help you focus and retain what you learn. Fluorite creates calmness where there was chaos, and is said that if you wear or have fluorite around you in about 4 week time you will have a more calm and serene environment.

Astrologically Fluorite is connected with the zodiac sun sign of Aquarius & All Others To read more about lore of Fluorite, click here.