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Peaceful Lover – Turquoise Howlite Earrings – Reiki Infused – For Peace Dreaming Manifesting -1710



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★I made these adorable post earrings with Turquoise Howlite. These little cuties would be a perfect pair for someone wanting to make a bold statement!

Howlite is a peaceful and soothing stone.  The Howlite & peace symbols are super perfect for showing your peaceful side! The earrings are approximately 1.25″ tip to tip. I will also include little rubber stoppers (not shown in pics) so they won’t fall out of your ears.

Howlite is also a great stone for working with your dreams, or even daydreaming… I interpret daydreaming into my daily life and use it as a tool for manifesting! I always focus my attention on what I want to manifest and then allow my thoughts to wander away with themselves… These Howlite earrings can help in that process!

I infused these earrings with Reiki energy before sending them to you, so they will be pleasant & energized when you get them! If you don’t know what Reiki is, feel free to read about it on my website:
Thanks for looking and be sure to visit my store and bookmark me as I am always creating something new!
Namaste, Starlene

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★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of Howlite

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Metaphysically and spiritually Howlite helps one to be calm in their daily lives. It lessons ones tendency towards selfishness, rudeness or boisterous behavior, replacing those behaviors with a calmer more balanced attitude that is more tolerant and patient. I think that this is one of those stones that anyone is going through stressed should have around them if not in their pocket or a grid in the house.
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