Desert Rose Cluster
Desert Rose ClusterDesert Rose ClusterDesert Rose ClusterDesert Rose ClusterDesert Rose Cluster

XXXL Selenite Desert Rose Cluster



Angelic Inspiration XXXL Selenite Desert Rose Cluster – Reiki Infused Crystal – Chakra Healer – 3721

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★ This particular selenite desert rose cluster has a very soft and healing feeling, whoever is drawn to this stone will truly enjoy its energy, I am sure of it! If you are working on your connection with the angels, then maybe selenite is a good stone for you.

Selenite is a gemstone that never needs cleansing. It will also energetically cleanse and recharge other crystals and gemstone. So if you want a room or other gemstones to be cleansed, then this selenite desert rose cluster would be perfect for you. This desert rose cluster has a soft and gentle feeling to it, healing energy just radiates out of it while holding it in your hands! This particular cluster makes me feel the energy of unconditional compassion and healing emotions. If you want to draw that sort of thing into your life then maybe this stone is for you. This beautiful desert rose formations of selenite gemstone is charged with loving healing Reiki energy by me before I ship it off to you. (unless you ask me not to charge it, then I won’t)

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Size approx: 4 inches by 3 inches

Weight: 10 ounces (284 grams)

Color: Silvery White

Type of stone: Selenite Desert Rose

Chakra: Crown and Higher Crown Chakras

Element: Water

Astrological: Taurus

Magickal Uses: Dream-work, Enhancing Creativity, Communication
Namaste ~ Starlene

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Selenite

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Selenite opens the upper chakras rather quickly, allowing spiritual connection to come forward from guides, angels and our creative source or God. Selenite works to life the parameters set upon one by themselves and opens the ethereal doors to the spiritual realms.

Astrologically Selenite is connected with the zodiac sun sign of Taurus.

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