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Chose Your Reiki Chakra Candle – with Gemstones (USA Shipping FREE)



Chose Your Chakra Chakra Candle ~ Reiki Blessed with Real Gemstones ~ Put Yourself in Balance — CHOOSE YOUR OWN CHAKRA!

This candle is scented the scent and color you choose to correlate with the chakra you select. It is a round shape and down the one side (as you can see from the pictures) are the 7 genuine gemstones that correspond to the chakras. The reiki chakra candle has also been charged with universal life force energy, aka Reiki and will help to balance  your chakras. I personally have one of these candles that I light for when I am doing  chakra balancing. The candle stands about 5 1/2 inches high, with a 2 inch diameter.

*** Each handmade chakra reiki candle order is given with a little gift from mother earth, sometimes its a river rock we collected just for you – sometimes its a gemstone, but each handmade candle order is given something… what with your order contain?? hmmm..

We have this reiki chakra candle made in the other 6 chakra colors and with corresponding chakra scents. Just choose the one you want!

Here is the chakra, the color and scent is correlates to:
Root Chakra ~ Red ~ Patchouli
Sacral Chakra ~ Orange ~ Ylang-Ylang and Amber
Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Yellow ~ Juniper Berry
Heart Chakra ~ Green ~ Peonies
Throat Chakra ~ Blue ~ Lemongrass and Sage
Third Eye Chakra ~ Purple ~ Peppermint
Crown Chakra ~ Lavender ~ Lavender Scent

The picture you see is not the actual candle that you will receive. We have already sold this one to someone, and when you place your order yours will be made fresh. So your reiki chakra candle may be slightly different than the one in the picture, but we promise it will be wonderful when you get it! We have a small candle-work-shop set up in our office to make candles as needed. We prefer to make them that way so they are not just sitting on a shelf loosing their beautiful color and scent. (which all store bought candles do) We use the highest yield of scent per candle so they are FRAGRANT and most people tell us they smell before even lighting them!

It can take 7-10 days for us to ship candles, since they are mostly made to order – but it will be worth the wait! USA shipping is included in the price of this candle, for outside USA orders, please contact me for a quote!

Thanks for looking,, at our reiki chakra candle let me know what I can make for you!

<3 Starlene ~ Rocks And Reiki <3


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