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7 Chakra Candle Set – XL Reiki Infused with Gemstones (USA Shipping FREE)



This is beautiful set of 7 Chakra Candles, they are infused with gemstones that correlate to the chakras, and colored to the chakras as well as scented to correlate to the chakras. I can also do the unscented if you prefer. I then paint the chakra symbols on the outside of the candles. They are a lovely set that are about 7 inches tall and 3 inches wide each. I also offer these singly if you prefer to just buy one of them.

The price of these candles INCLUDES USPS SHIPPING INSIDE THE USA —- for outside the USA prices CONTACT ME first!

Since these candles are made to order the set of them takes me about a week to make, maybe more time if there is another set or many other candles in front of your set when you order, so you can email me beforehand and ask approximately how long it will take for me to do them or once you purchase – I will give you an estimated time when I will ship them out to you.

In the bottom of the candle (which is what makes it really special and part of my Phoenix Candle Line) are small reiki blessed gemstones that you are left with when the candle burns! You can see the bottom of the candles in some of the pictures I included in the ad, I put the stones in the bottom of the candle so that they are there throughout you burning the candle.

The intention behind this candle set is to help inspire and open your chakra system, realizing we humans are all interconnected. With the reiki blessed, gemstones in it, it will radiate a loving glow while it is lit or simply in your space.

Phoenix Gemstones Candles are a Line of candles that I have created to have an intention behind them and inside of them you will find little gemstones that you can keep once the candle burns away, so like the phoenix, there is rebirth from the intention candle to the gemstone you get when the candle is gone!

I often adorn the outside of the Phoenix Gemstone Candles with gemstones too, each one is handmade and One Of A Kind – and I can do custom candles – just let me know what intentions you want to set & we can get grooving or look through my shop for other Phoenix and Organized Chaos Candles.

All my candles are hand poured with love and infused with Reiki during the process, so it will have a healing energy to it when you light it.

I have a small work shop set up in my office to make candles as needed. I prefer to make them that way so they are not just sitting on a shelf loosing their beautiful color and scent. (which all store-bought candles do) I use the highest yield of scent per candle so they are FRAGRANT – but I can also leave the fragrance out if you prefer, just let me know!

It WILL take from 7-14 days for me to ship this set of candles out but it will be worth the wait. USUALLY I can get them out in the 7 day mark – but since this is a process, and each candle is made with loving intention with you in mind – it can take a few days to get it out to you – depending on how many candles are in front of yours. You can always contact me about it to ask when the estimated shipping date is.


Size Approx: 6.5″ tall by 3″ round each

Color: Rainbow

Scent: As follows for each chakra – (or unscented – or contact me and we can figure out which scents fit you best)

Crown Chakra – Lavender

Third Eye Chakra – Peppermint

Throat Chakra – Lemongrass & Sage

Heart Chakra – Peonies

Solar Plexus Chakra – Juniper Berry

Sacral Chakra – Ylang-Ylang & Amber

Root Chakra – Patchouli


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Dimensions 6.5 x 3 in