3 Charoite Tumbles
3 Charoite Tumbles3 Charoite Tumbles3 Charoite Tumbles3 Charoite Tumbles3 Charoite Tumbles

3 Charoite Tumbles – Reiki Infused – For Bringing Spiritual Sight Into Everyday Life – 648



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These energetic charoite tumbles are a very powerful and energetic opener for the third eye chakra and releasing old relationships that no longer serve one. They are also charged with loving healing Reiki energy by me before I ship them off to you. (unless you ask me not to charge them, then I won’t)  By charging these stones up with Reiki energy, they will emit a loving energy from the heart and if you carry them with you or meditate with them, you will likely feel a glow of that energy surrounding you!

You will get the same gemstones as in the pictures, so there are no surprises. They are perfect for making jewelry with or just carring with you. We take pictures with a professional camera and in the professional setting so often the stones are larger than they are in real life. Doing it like this is to show the details, please be sure to read the measurements below.

★ Rock Specks
Size approx: 3/4 inch each

Weight: .5 ounces (15 grams)

Color: Purple, Black & Grey

Type of stone: Charoite

Hardness: 5

Planet: Chiron

Source: Russia

Element: Wind

Chakra: 6th & 3rd Chakra (Third eye & Solar Plexus)

Astrological: Sagittarius

Magickal Uses: Developing your intuition, Living in the now, Healing old relationship wounds, Stimulating Dreams, Figuring Out Ones Spiritual Path

My notes about this Rock
Charoite is a wonderful stone for working with the third eye chakra while helping one to remain grounded in the now.
These beautiful charoite tumbles make my third eye tingle when I hold them, they also activate my heart chakra and the link between the heart and third eye is beautiful.

These stones would be great to hold on to, they are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.
Feel free to ask questions if you have them!

Namaste, Starlene; Rocks And Reiki, Inc.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Charoite

Metaphysically holding charoite will help increase your attention span and intuition. Charoite activates the third eye, crown and soul star chakras, it is a great stone for helping in Reiki sessions and attunements. Secondly it activates the solar plexus, root and earth star chakras. By doing this charoite stimulates ones intellect and psychic abilities all while clearing negative energy and keeping one grounded and focused. click here to read more on charoite’s healing properties.

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