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Hugging the Earth – Reiki Charged Coral Bracelet – Connect With The Healing Powers of The Earth



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★ I made this beautiful from reconstituted Coral that is an earthy color of beige. I’m calling it because the color reminds me of the Earth.  The fact that it’s made out of Coral gives it an energy that is earthy and watery at the same time! This bracelet has the powerful soothing energy of the ocean, as well as the stable energy of the Earth within it.

I have infused this necklace with Reiki energy, so when you get it, it will radiate a nice loving Reiki energy feel to it. If you don’t know what Reiki is, feel free to check out my Reiki website for more information:
Thanks for looking and be sure to visit my store and bookmark me as I am always creating something new!
Namaste, Starlene

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★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of Coral
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Coral is not exactly a gemstones or mineral, rather it comes from the sea and is a vacated house of a marine animal. Like anything, coral has a vibration to it which therefore give it metaphysical healing properties. —— Click here to read more…

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