Angel Hug Hoop Earrings – Reiki Infused Peruvian Pink Opal Gemstone – 1891



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Show your love for the Angels… Or is it YOU that is an angel? Either way these cute little earrings are sure to get you noticed and commented on!

These adorable and precious earrings are made of Thai silver angel wings beads. I hung them on little hoops and added some Peruvian Pink Opal chip stones to make them dangle and radiate a beautiful charm for you.

Peruvian Pink Opal is known as an angel stone, that connects you with the loving angels and angels heart! So you can really show your love for the angels!

They measure about 1 & 3/4 inches from tip to tip. 

The Bare Essentials Jewelry Line was created by me, to allow a person to wear their favorite gemstone on a regular basis. This jewelry line is typically compromised of pendants, cabochons & single gemstone bead jewelry. I use one gemstone in this line to make it elegant and create it so that the person wearing it wants that particular stone with them all day long.

These elegant and simple earrings allows one to wear that stone all day long and bring the inspiring energy of that particular stone into your life! If you have a stone that you would like to wear on a regular basis, you can even ask me to wrap it for you!

I also charge these babies up with Reiki energy before mailing them off to you, so they have a nice feel to them when you get them! If you don’t know what Reiki is check out my website for more details or email me and ask…

If you have any questions or comments about this necklace, please let us know!

Namaste ~Starlene Breiter –  ~Spirit Jewelers~ a division of Rocks And Reiki, Inc.

★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of Pink Opal

Pink Opal is a wonderful gemstone for helping you connect with the angelic realms. It opens the heart chakra with an uplifting energy and allows one to tap into the higher heart energy. Sometimes people are fine with connecting to the physical manifestations of the heart chakra that is associated with the physical realms, like love for one another, or love for mother earth – but they are unable to connect with the energies of the higher heart chakra, the part of us that has a love for the realm of Spirit. Peruvian Pink Opal helps us do that with ease.

Peruvian Pink Opal is associated with the astrological sign of Taurus & Libra.

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