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Have you ever had an astrology report done and…

  • it confused you more than helped you?
  • was a bunch of astrological jargon?

Are you…

  • new to astrology?
  • looking for an in-depth but easy to comprehend astrology report about your birth?
  • looking for a complete report that is not complicated?

Well then this is the report for you!

This report produces astrological interpretations in simple language, uncluttered with astrological aspects that usually seem confusing and unnecessary to the non-expert person. For those that know a little more about astrology it might be fun to read the footnotes after each chapter and see what aspects it described, or you can look through my store for a more in-depth natal report.

The report is about 14-20 pages long and I need your name at birth, date and time of birth (time if known) and place of birth (city and state or country). I will also include a beautiful astrology wheel like one of the ones pictured in this ad. (My choice which one) I have many different wheels that I use and I will find a special one for you. It will be emailed to you along with your report.

There are 10 chapters in this report.

  1. General Characteristics
  2. How to approach life and how you appear to others
  3. The Inner You: Your real motivation
  4. Mental Interests and abilities
  5. Emotions: Moods, Feelings, Romance
  6. Drive & Ambition: How you achieve your goals.
  7. Growth and Expansion: Areas that you enjoy
  8. Areas that Challenge you or are Difficult for you
  9. Originality and Imagination: Where are you creative, unique, unstable and compulsive
  10. General Influences: Your age group.

Hi my name is Star

I am a professional Astrologer, Metaphysical Gemologer and Reiki Master & Teacher. If you have any questions about your report I will happily try to explain them to you. I enjoy assisting others on their path of knowledge. Astrology was my first interest in the metaphysical arts. I also read Tarot, Spirit and Angel cards so if you are searching for some answers about the energies surrounding you, I can probably be of some help to you. I have made it my business and strongest desire to assist others with their spiritual growth. So please be sure to check out my store for other services that I offer.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Starlene Breiter RMT

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