George Carlin Natal

Emailed Astrological Naughty Natal Report



★ This report takes a amusing look at ones natal chart and makes an excellent gift or practical joke for someone. It uses humor to poke fun at the person it is about and is amusing because a lot of what it says is TRUE!

This report is geared towards adults because of its humor is on the naughty side.

Not only does it tell you about your “shadow side” it speaks of and pokes fun at your sexual side too! This report is a funny one so be warned!

The report is about  5 pages long and I need your name at birth, date and time of birth (time if known) and place of birth (city and state or country).

Hi my name is Starlene ~

I am a professional Astrologer, and Reiki Master & Teacher. If you have any questions about your report I will happily try to  explain them to you. I enjoy assisting others on their path of knowledge. Astrology was my first interest in the metaphysical arts. I also read Tarot, Spirit and Angel cards so if you are searching for some answers about the energies surrounding you, I can probably be of some help to you. I have made it my business and strongest desire to assist others with their spiritual growth. So please be sure to check out my store for other services that I offer.

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