Purple Onyx Wire Wrapped Pendant
Purple Onyx Wire Wrapped PendantPurple Onyx Wire Wrapped PendantPurple Onyx Wire Wrapped PendantPurple Onyx Wire Wrapped PendantPurple Onyx Wire Wrapped Pendant

My Personal Power Necklace – Onyx Gemstone Bare Essential Jewelry Line



My Personal Power Necklace – Bare Essential Jewelery Line by Starlene – 1713

I am call this the necklace… My Personal Power because onyx is one of my favorite stones to help you get in that alignment and focusing your energies on a particular project. This pendant is wire wrapped onto a faux leather cord necklace. The necklace is about 18 inches long and it has a 2 inch extender chain on the end of it. It also has a little crescent moon tag on the end of the extender chain, that can dangle down the back of your neck.

I have also infused this necklace with Reiki energy when making it and again before I send it out to you. I just love this one, it just makes me feel good to hold it even!  If you don’t know what Reiki is, feel free to check out my website to learn about it www.lightandlovereiki.com.

Please also check out my store for other Reiki charged items… My favorite medium to create things with are gemstones,,, but you will find other things there as well!

Namaste and bright blessings of light!

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Black Onyx

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Onyx helps to consolidate the energy of other stones. It is fairly unique in that it integrates the energy of different stones instead of just increasing the energy of the different stones. Black Onyx is very a helpful teacher of focusing your energy into a positive force. It can help you understand how to develop and work with your telekinetic abilities. To me, Onyx has the feel of perseverance, strong discipline, and high-efficiency. Be sure to read the whole article on onyx by clicking here….

Astrologically onyx corresponds with  the zodiac sign of Leo.

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