Turquoise Howlite Necklace
Turquoise Howlite NecklaceTurquoise Howlite NecklaceTurquoise Howlite NecklaceTurquoise Howlite Necklace

My Creative & Spiritual Connection Necklace – Reiki Infused Turquoise Blue Howlite



★ This beautiful turquoise howlite necklace is energized with Reiki before sending it out to you (unless you ask me not to). It is beautiful and will radiate a loving reiki energy from it.

Howlite is a great stone for working with our dream state… aka Neptunian side.. The planet Neptune is the place that we are kind of not sure if its a dream ~ or a spiritual experience. The energy of this necklace will bring more of those spiritual connection experiences to the person wearing it!

This necklace is also blessed with Reiki energy before sending it out to you, if you would rather it not be, just let us know and we will not bless it.

If you have any questions or comments about this necklace, please let us know!

Namaste ~Starlene Breiter  ~Spirit Jewelers & Company~


Metaphysical Healing Properties of Turquoise Howlite

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Metaphysically and spiritually Howlite helps one to be calm in their daily lives. It lessons ones tendency towards selfishness, rudeness or boisterous behavior, replacing those behaviors with a calmer more balanced attitude that is more tolerant and patient. I personally think that this is one of those stones that anyone is going through stresses should have around them if not in their pocket or a grid in the house.

Howlite correlates to the astrological sign of Gemini.


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