Grey Onyx Swirl – Wire Wrapped Pendant Gemstone Necklace – Reiki Blessed 5079

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This beautiful grey onyx pendant necklace is wire wrapped and hung on a faux suede cord necklace. This beautiful grey onyx stone is in the shape of the primal symbol of the swirl. It has some white stripes running through it, which makes is just so interesting to look at! I feel it is just perfect for someone to wear that needs help with balancing their energy and dispersing negative energy from around whoever is wearing it.

I bless this necklace with Reiki before sending it out to you, so it will radiate a glow of beautiful energy outward from whoever is wearing it! If you would rather it not be, just let us know and we will not bless it.

The necklace is on a braided leather cord necklace that is about 19 inches in length. It has a 2 inch extender chain.

The pendant itself is 1 & 3/4 inches in length from tip of the bail to the bottom of the pendant, and  it is about 1 & 1/4 inches wide.

If you have any questions or comments about this necklace, please let us know!

Namaste ~Starlene & Co.

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Metaphysical Healing Properties of Onyx

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Onyx helps to consolidate the energy of other stones. It is fairly unique in that it integrates the energy of different stones instead of just increasing the energy of the different stones. Onyx is very a helpful teacher of focusing your energy into a positive force. It can help you understand how to develop and work with your telekinetic abilities. To me, Onyx has the feel of perseverance, strong discipline, and high efficiency.

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Astrologically onyx corresponds with  the zodiac sign of Leo.

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