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Clarifying Energy Necklace – Clear Quartz Natural Point Pendant – Reiki Infused – Rainbow Ribbon Necklace – 3909



★ Clarifying Energy Necklace – Clear Quartz Natural Point Pendant – 3909
Bare Essential Jewelery Line By Starlene

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This lovely and beautiful pendant is made of clear quartz natural point shaped crystal and is connected to a rainbow ribbon necklace. The necklace is 40 inches long and the pendant hangs about 2 inches longer. It is only tied together, so you can make it shorter or keep it long.

Clear Quartz emits a calming, clarifying, energetic, healing feel to it. Since it is clear quartz, it can be programmed to work with any of the chakras or for a certain intention. If you let me know that you want the necklace charged with Reiki for a purpose, like for clarity, love, prosperity etc, I will do that for you before sending it out to you. Simply by wearing this necklace it will help lift your mood, help you feel more tranquil and bring healing on all levels, emotional, spiritual and physical.

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★ The Bare Essentials Jewelery Line was created by me, to allow a person to wear their favorite gemstone on a regular basis. This jewelery line is typically compromised of pendants and cabochons that have been wire wrapped and hung on different types of necklaces.

I have also infused this pendant with Reiki energy when making it and again before I send it out to you. I just love this one, it just makes me feel good to hold it even!

Namaste and bright blessings of light!
Starlene ~Spirit Jewelers

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Dimensions 40 in