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Higher Creativity Blossoms – Throat Chakra Necklace – Organized Chaos Line by Starlene – 4048



★ The gemstones that I included in this Higher Creativity Blossoms – Throat Chakra Necklace – Organized Chaos Line were specifically chosen to help inspire you to tap into that creative side that is connected to our higher self and the throat chakra. These stones are beautifully put together in this necklace to allow one to release their fury of creativity into the Universe!

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This necklace is 17 & 1/2 inches and closes with a cool toggle clasp. It also has a wire wrapped Tibetan Quartz crystal that hangs 2 and 1/2 inches down from the center of the necklace. If you would like one made in another size or style just contact me and let me know. I am always happy to do custom orders.

This necklace would be a perfect prescription for someone who wants to open their throat chakra and allow their voice to be heard, sometimes that is through art, expression, communication or creativity. However you express yourself, this necklace will help inspire that within you.

The gemstones used in this particular necklace are, agate, howlite, coral, sodalite, lapis lazuli, ocean jasper, aquamarine, coral and I added some Tibetan silver spacers to the mix. You can use the links below to read articles about each one of those gemstones that I have personally written.

My Organized Chaos Jewelery is unique OOAK (One of a Kind) pieces that will not ever be duplicated, they are beautiful pieces of art that you can wear! At the current time, I focus my mind on the gemstones and allow them to create through me ~ its as if each piece of jewelery that I make for the Organized Chaos Line is channeled from Spirit through me!

To get to each of the articles written about the gemstones in this necklace, click the name of each one below and just hit the back button when you are done reading to get back to this page.

★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of – Agate

★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of – Howlite

★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of – Coral

★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of – Sodalite

★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of – Ocean Jasper

★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of – Aquamarine

★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of – Lapis Lazuli

Namaste, Starlene Breiter & Co. ~ Spirit Jewelers ~ a division of Rocks And Reiki, Inc.



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