7 Chakra Gemstone Set
7 Chakra Gemstone Set7 Chakra Gemstone Set7 Chakra Gemstone Setschakra set for Janice

Personalized 7 Raw & Tumbled Chakra Stones Set & Organza Bag – Reiki Blessed Crystals



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You will get a set of 7 raw and tumbled gemstones that correlate to the chakras, I will choose them for you but each one will correlated with one of the seven chakras and I will tell you which is which along with some information about it.. 

I choose these particular gemstones chakra sets because they energetically feel right for you, they are all of a very nice size and quality for a set from 1-2 inches each. I include an organza bag to keep them in (my choice what color) when you are not using them.

These gemstones would be wonderful for a reiki practitioner or someone just getting into gemstone use. I would meditate with them, lay them on my chakras or the chakras of someone I was working on and let them chill out there and do their work. You might also like to put them under your pillow at night or sleep with them under or next to your bed to allow their energy to radiate out and align your chakra system. You may also feel like you want to carry one of them with you on a particular day – for instance if it is an emotional day for you, then maybe the rose quartz (heart chakra) gemstone would be perfect for you to carry along with you. I bless these beautiful tumbled gemstones with loving healing Reiki energy by me before I ship them off to you. (unless you ask me not to bless them, then I won’t) These gemstones are great for helping balance the chakra system and are attuned to radiate energy continually after I charge them.

You will get a set of stones like pictured, I will choose which set of 7 stones for you, if you really dislike a certain stone you can tell me and I will keep that out for you. You also only get 1 organza bag, I pictured a couple of them for example – I will choose a set that I feel is right for you, which may or may not be pictured.

~ Namaste Starlene Breiter RMT  ~Rocks And Reiki, Inc.~

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