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Organized Chaos Root Chakra Candle – XXL Reiki Infused with Gemstones



This beautiful Organized Chaos ~ Root Chakra Candle is made with 2-3 different colored waxes and 2-3 different scents in each color wax that all correlate with the root chakra. This candle is spicy and earthy, so the scents I typically use are patchouli and sandalwood. I can change the scents for you if you choose because I do make these candles to order, but those are the scents I suggest for this candle – and the root chakra. You can see a candle like this in one of the pictures, (a different candle that is the same size) and how it looks burned about 1/2 the way down, and the glow of the candle inside! The glow of this candle is very beautiful and soft, illuminating a room and giving it a lovely blended scent of the chakras.

Please note: If you want a different chakra candle, like this – you can contact me about it and purchase this one telling me what chakra you want made. I am working on getting to all of the chakras in this style, so if you do not see what chakra you want in my shop yet – just let me know and I will make you yours. Likewise if you want a different candle in this style, with your own colors and specific scents, lets talk – I make my candles to order so I am happy to do custom orders! I also have a different chakra line, if you are into more simple candles, just check out the candle section to see all of the creations I have made.

Some people do not burn these candles, they just love the scent and presence of them – I recommend that if you do burn it, you burn it half the way down and then put a tea-light in the middle of it. That way the integrity of the outside of the candle still stays with you, if you burn it down too far, the sides are liable to melt, causing a hole in the side(s) of the candle, which is also beautiful but then the art of the candle is not the same. Some clients have told me they don’t plan on burning theirs – but I think candles are made to be burned so have fun and light that baby up!

On top of the candle (which is what makes it really special and part of my Phoenix Candle Line as well as the Organized Chaos Candle Line) are small reiki blessed gemstones that you are left with when the candle burns! It is a very tall (7 inches) and 3 inch square pillar candle that will burn for a long time.

The intention behind this candle is to help inspire and open your root chakra, realizing we humans are all interconnected. With the reiki blessed, gemstones in it, it will radiate a loving glow while it is lit or simply in your space.

Phoenix Gemstones Candles are a Line of candles that I have created to have an intention behind them and inside of them you will find little gemstones that you can keep once the candle burns away, so like the phoenix, there is rebirth from the intention candle to the gemstone you get when the candle is gone!

I often adorn the outside of the Phoenix Gemstone Candles with gemstones too, each one is handmade and One Of A Kind – and I can do custom candles – just let me know what intentions you want to set & we can get grooving or look through my shop for other Phoenix and Organized Chaos Candles.

All my candles are hand poured with love and infused with Reiki during the process, so it will have a healing energy to it when you light it.

I have a small work shop set up in my office to make candles as needed. I prefer to make them that way so they are not just sitting on a shelf loosing their beautiful color and scent. (which all store-bought candles do) I use the highest yield of scent per candle so they are FRAGRANT – but I can also leave the fragrance out if you prefer, just let me know!

It may take from 7-14 days for me to ship candles but it will be worth the wait. USUALLY I am within the 7 day mark, sometimes I can ship them out in 3 days – but since this is a process, and each candle is made with loving intention with you in mind – it can take a few days to get it out to you – depending on how many candles are in front of yours. You can always contact me about it to ask when the estimated shipping date is. Also I offer big shipping discounts when you buy more than one. If you’re looking for a specific candle for an occasion or something custom we do that too, so please don’t hesitate to ask.


Size Approx: 7.5″ tall by 3″ square (approx)

Color: Red Hues

Scent: Patchouli & Sandalwood




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Dimensions 3 x 7.5 in

Vanilla, Hazelnut, Pralines & Pecan, Unscented