Organized Chaos *Air* Candle with Natal Chart & Reiki Blessed Gemstones (USA Shipping FREE)



This beautiful Organized Chaos Candle reminds me of the energy of the element Air! I have included little gemstones in the top of the candle that are Sodalite and Blue Agate, the candle is a twisted octagon and is about 5 inches tall and 2 & 3/4 inches wide. It is scented a floral garden scent, because if you know Gemini – they love diversity! It has a beautiful color light sky blue hue to it. It has chunks of wax from a light blue to a darker blue, and tiny bits of other colors, because Gemini likes it all! 

Once I choose the blocks of blue wax to add to it I pour white wax over it and it melts into a really soft color blue with spots all over it. When this candle melts you get to see the different shades of blue mix together and it is quite beautiful and uplifting! You can not change the scent of this candle, as it is specific to the energy of this candle.

I am also including a natal (birth) chart with this candle… Just send me the birth date of the person receiving it, the time born and city, state & country you were born in. It is a professional astrological chart that is about 14 pages long and gives you lots of interesting insight into your personality!

Before ordering – please read over the Candle Ordering Information page to know what to expect!


Size Approx: 5″ tall by 2 & 3/4″ twisted octagon (approx)

Color: Blue

Scent: Floral Garden


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Additional Information

Dimensions 2 & 3/4 x 5 in

Vanilla, Hazelnut, Pralines & Pecan, Unscented