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OM SHANTI – Moss Agate Pendant Necklace – Reiki Infused – Bare Essentials Jewelery Line – Engraved Pendant



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Bare Essentials Jewelery Line

★ I called this one Om Shanti Necklace because I made it out of a beautiful Moss Agate pendant engraved with the “Om” symbol. There are also 3 Carnelian beads attached to the necklace. The symbol is then painted with a black paint and hung on black cord to complete the necklace.

Moss Agate is a wonderful stone for helping you connect further with the earth and earth spirits. It is an amazing grounding stone that can help you also work with tree energy, healing trees, or the earth itself. Carnelian also helps connect your lower chakras with the earth energy, so this necklace will help you feel more connected to the earth in a spiritual manner. Be sure to read the articles below that I have written about these stones!

★ What does the word “Om” mean?

Om written in Sanskrit is “Aum” It has many meanings like the sound the universe made when it came into was created. Some people take this literally and some metaphorically.

Also, the phonetics of the sound Aum starts in the bottom of the vocal cavity, then to the glottis, then to the mouth cavity and ultimately disappear into the silent void. This process symbolizes the creation, the maintained, the destruction of all things and the return to where they came.

As a Mantra repeating the word “Om” is a great way to slow down the breathing, calms the nervous system and gives the glands and organs of the body a vibrational massage.


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I have infused this necklace with Reiki energy, so when you get it, it will radiate a nice loving Reiki energy feel to it. If you don’t know what Reiki is, feel free to check out my Reiki website for more information:

Light & Love Reiki

Thanks for looking and be sure to visit my store and bookmark me as I am always creating something new!

Namaste, Starlene

★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of Moss Agate

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Moss Agate will help you connect with the energy of the earth, it also works to relieve stress and raise energy. Agate can help to ground and stabilize emotions therefore it is helpful for agate to one that feels unstable in the emotional department. Agate is a wonderful stone for using in the healing of the second chakra during a Reiki session as well, or simply by carrying it with you. —— Click here to read more…

★ Metaphysical Healing Properties of Carnelian

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Carnelian is an agate class of chalcedony that is a stone of creativity, individuality and courage. Like all agate stones it is very protective. It will protect one from psychic attack and if used in a crystal grid it will deflect the negativity from the structure (house, office etc.) where the crystal grid is placed. —— Click here to read more…

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