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This is a bloodstone pendant  is framed in Tibetan silver and hung on a faux suede cord necklace! I think this is a very powerful pendant, it is made with heliotrope which is also called bloodstone. It is a deep green color with small deep red flecks in it.

Bloodstone is a great stone for healing someone who has been dealing with negative energies for a long time. It has a lot of stabilizing energy for the spiritual body too. It can help to purify negative energies that is around you into something more soothing.

Read on to learn more about me and the healing properties of this jewelery..

I have also infused this pendant with Reiki energy when making it and again before I send it out to you. Just know that Reiki and crystal work is an alternative therapy and should be used in conjunction with traditional medicine.

The suede necklace is about 20 inches long and closes with lobster claw clasp. It also has a 2 inch extender chain on the necklace with a little charm on the end of the extender chain of a flower, so you can make the necklace longer or let the charm dangle down the back of your neck. (If you prefer I remove the flower – because this could be a men’s necklace too – I can just let me know) If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me. I am quick to reply and happy to hear from anyone!

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Namaste ~Starlene Breiter  ~Spirit Jewelers~ a division of Rocks And Reiki, Inc.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Bloodstone

To read the full article on the metaphysical healing properties of Bloodstone, click here

Bloodstone is one of those stones that helps assist one with being more grounded in the present moment allowing one to have the strength, courage and determination. Many people that work with bloodstone feel more energy and revived. Bloodstone can help one feel more endurance and dispel any sluggish feeling in the physical body. click here to read more…

Astrologically bloodstone it connected to the zodiac sun sign of Aries, Libra and Pisces.

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Dimensions 20 in. necklace x 2 x 2 in