Metaphysical Properties of Titanium Aura Quartz by ~ Starlene Breiter

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Titanium Rainbow Aura Quartz is manufactured starting with natural quartz crystals.

Once the quartz crystals have been selected it is infused and bonded with titanium and gold to make the beautiful colors that you see. During the process, the crystals do become rather brittle, so these pieces can easily break if dropped or hit up against something. Take great care in holding them because of that.

The color that is formed by the bonding process is permanent and will not rub off or wash off either. You can also look at the properties of quartz to know how this gems energy will interact with you. Most of all quartz amplifies anything, so this crystal is a very powerful cleanser and amplifier of energy. It helps to balance and open ones chakra system. It works to clear a pathway for any sort of dysfunctional energies in your life. Sometimes that can be disturbing, because change can be unsettling, but ultimately the change is good! The Aura quartz will help you to face any changes like that with power and strength to move into a space that you actually desire being in!

Rock Specks

Hardness: Brittle

Location Found: Manufactured

Color: All Colors of the Rainbow

Type of stone: Titanium Rainbow Aura Quartz

Chakra: Heart & Crown Chakras

Astrological: All

Magickal Uses: Multidimensional Healing, Clearing an Energetic Path, Opening Chakras, Unconditional Love


Namaste– Written by, your Metaphysical Gemologer ~ Starlene Breiter RMT

 ~Rocks And Reiki, Inc.~