Metaphysical Properties of Spirit Quartz ~ by Starlene Breiter

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Spirit quartz is made from quartz that shows a very unusual growth pattern. The typical growth pattern of spirit quartz is that of a main crystal formation with a main termination at the top, that is covered with small crystal points.

Spirit quartz can be found in amethyst, citrine, a combination of amethyst and citrine as well as a whitish color. I have also seen aura spirit quartz, but those are treated to have the aura on them. Spirit quartz is also known as cactus quartz, and porcupine quartz.

Spirit quartz, in exceptional stone that enhances the energy of quartz bringing it to a higher vibrational level. This stone assists in carrying out the gifts of Spirit that we all have inside of ourselves!

This stone helps to connect you with the spirit realm and your higher self. You can use in meditation and ask it to bring you into connection with the the energy of spirit. Doing this allows you to release the ego and understand that we are all connected to one another. When using it in this fashion, spirit quartz brings out freedom from fear and peace of mind.

Spirit quartz is a wonderful stone to help you work with groups. It is also very helpful for those that are in the service industry. It facilitates healing within groups of a community or family, and brings harmony to organizations.

You can use spirit quartz to help clear other stones. Simply place your stones on top of a spirit quartz formation and allow them to stay there for some time, this will clean your crystals. You can also program your spirit quartz crystal to aid in the healing process of one’s own spirit. This is a very versatile stone that can assist you with connecting with your spirit and also help you it. I feel like connecting with your spirit and healing your spirit are one and the same.

When I am working with my spirit guides, I like to use spirit quartz in my healing work or meditation. In doing so, I feel like I’m merging my higher self to all levels of my being. It feels like I am in perfect alignment and in harmony with body, mind and spirit! I especially like to use spirit quartz when creating a crystal grid, as spirit quartz is excellent for energy stone layouts.

Spirit quartz is very helpful at aligning the energetic bodies together, which is why I believe it works so well in grids. A nice piece of spirit quartz would make a great center for a crystal grid. Play around with your spirit quartz to find out the best way it can work for you!


★ Rock Specks

Color: Purple, Clear & Hints of Golden Yellow

Type of stone: Ametrine Spirit Quartz

Chakra: All Chakras, especially Higher Chakras

Astrological: All

Magickal Uses: Universal Connection, Universal Consciousness, Psychic Development, Balancing the 3 Bodies, Connection to Intuition


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Your Gemologer: Starlene Breiter RMT