Metaphysical Properties of Seraphinite ~ by Starlene Breiter

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Seraphinite is an angel stone that helps you connect with angelic energies and realms. The deep green color of seraphinite comes from chlorite and helps one to in healing and provides protection to the heart chakra.

Seraphinite helps you to see life more clearly and also can help in dieting or maintaining a healthy weight. You can use it on the crown chakra to help open your connection with the Divine. Wearing seraphinite will help you connect with angels and see the “bigger picture” in life.

Seraphinite is helpful with bringing peace, tranquility and happiness to the person drawn to having it around them or even wearing it. It has been known to help protect against psychic attack, so if you feel drained by others energies, this may be a good stone for you.

Seraphinite has been used to help release old patterns that no longer serve one. You can use it to assist with healing disease or imbalances of the nerves and brain cells. It is sometimes referred to as the premier healing stone of this age.

Astrologically Seraphinite is connected to the zodiac sun sign of Sagittarius.


★ Rock Specks

Color: Green with White chatoyant

Type of stone: Seraphinite

Hardness: 1-4

Vibrates to the number: 4

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown, Higher Crown & Heart Chakras

Astrological: Sagittarius

Magickal Uses: Spiritual Enlightenment, Angelic Connection, Protection from Psychic Attack, Healing


Namaste, Written by: Starlene Breiter RMT