Metaphysical Properties of Pink Tourmaline ~ by Starlene Breiter

Pink Tourmaline also known as elbaite is connected with the water element and the heart chakra.

Pink tourmaline helps old wounds to heal gently bringing those wounds to the surface so they can be dealt with and then transmuted into something positive.

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Wearing or carrying pink tourmaline with you helps to heal and repair hole in the aura left by past wounds and abuses. When one is surrounded by the protective pink tourmaline bubble it created in its presence then they become a shiny beacon of light and energy and it is more difficult for negative emery to get past that pink tourmaline bubble of energy.

Metaphysically one can hold pink tourmaline at the heart chakra and imagine a pink tourmaline light or bubble emanating around them and grow that light or bubble to surround themselves, their home, family etc.

Spiritually pink tourmaline activates the higher heart chakra and acts as an emotional balancer and cleanser. This is one of the best stress relieving stones you can work with.

Astrologically pink tourmaline is connected with the zodiac sun sign of Libra.


★ Rock Specks

Color: Pink with White

Type of stone: Pink Tourmaline

Element: Water

Chakra: Higher Heart Chakra

Astrological: Libra

Element: Water

Magickal Uses: Self Love, Emotional Balancing, Protection