Metaphysical Healing Properties of Rainbow Moonstone – by Starlene Breiter

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Rainbow Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings, balancing the psychic centers and grounding negative energies. It helps one to recognize that new beginnings are in fact the fruition of each ending. It allows one to accept gracefully the ups and downs.

Rainbow is specifically helpful at opening one up to their spiritual gifts, so if you are in need of figuring things out spiritually, then this may be the stone for you! Rainbow moonstone is a wonderful stone when used in Reiki healing sessions, by placing it at the crown chakra it helps to open the crown up.

All Moonstone’s are connected to the water element and lunar cycles. Rainbow Moonstone brings calmness coupled with awareness. It can also alleviate many degenerative conditions with respect to the hair, skin, eyes and fleshy organs of the body. It is also said to provide remedial action for disorders related to water such as swelling, insect bites, bee stings, anaphylactic shock, etc.

Rainbow Moonstone is helpful in alleviating PMS, the change of life, and promotes ease in childbirth.

It is connected strongly with the moon and intuition and empathy. The most powerful effect of moonstone is that it is calming to ones emotions. It also promotes intuition, lucid dreaming and empathy. It is best at promoting lucid dreaming during the full moon periods. Women may need to remove moonstone during the full moon period.

Rainbow Moonstone is wonderful at balancing yin and yang energies. It is especially good at helping males get in touch with their feminine sides.

Rainbow Moonstone can be used with all chakras, placed on each one it will clear and open each chakra, providing a loving compassion to assist one through all changes in their lives.

Moonstone is associated with the astrological signs of Cancer.

Namaste– Written by: Starlene Breiter RMT

 ~Rocks And Reiki, Inc.~