Metaphysical Healing Properties of Obsidian ~ by Starlene Breiter

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Obsidian is molten lava that cooled so quickly that it did not have time to crystallize. It has a glass like appearance that is typically very shiny.

Obsidian is known to work quickly and is sometimes too quick for those that are not ready for its power. There are several colors of obsidian, this article talks about obsidian in general.

Obsidian is a strongly protective stone that helps to form a shield against negative forces and provides a cord from ones base chakra to the center of the earth. This kind of anchoring can be overwhelming for some since it works so fast but it can be extremely helpful for those working in the healing professions as it gets to the root of an issue quickly.

Metaphysically obsidian helps to eliminate energy blockages and release tension. This stone is known to anchor the spirit into the body.

Emotionally obsidian helps you to know who you truly are by carrying you to the depths of your emotions.

In healing obsidian is a wonderful tool to help one understand the cause and reason for the disease. It is used to help detoxify and release blockages and relieve pain, warm the extremities and shrink and enlarged prostrate.

Astrologically Obsidian is connected with the all of the zodiac sun signs.

Snowflake obsidian has a peaceful energy to it, it helps to promote calmness and centeredness to the person that has it in their possession. I love this stone for its calming effect it has on me. It allows me to be grounded and still remain open to spiritual ideas at the same time. Snowflake is a little softer then black obsidian but is powerful all the same!


Blue Obsidian is connected to the throat chakra and supports communication, astral travel and helps to open the aura. Blue Obsidian is helpful for those that are looking to enhance their telepathic abilities, tarot reading, dowsing or other forms of divination. Bu clearing the path of communication blue obsidian helps one to have a stronger connection to their abilities to read a situation.

Blue Obsidian can also be used in the treatment of speech therapy or mental clarity during disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and multiple personalities confusion.

Astrologically Blue Obsidian is connected to the zodiac sun sign of Aquarius.


Green Obsidian stimulates the heart chakra and assists in cleansing ones aura. It helps to remove cords in the aura that have been long due to be removed while redirecting those cords to and endless vessel of white light.

Astrologically Green Obsidian is connected to the zodiac sun sign of Gemini.


Yellow Obsidian stimulates the third eye, solar plexus chakra and works to clear ones understanding of who one is.

It is a helpful tool for those that do not feel confident that they are ready to pursue the true path one should follow. Yellow Obsidian Is one of the warmer and more understanding of the obsidian stones. Still yellow obsidian delves deep down into the realm of the unknown while being open and truthful to the one called to using or working with it.

Astrologically Yellow Obsidian is connected with the zodiac sun sign of Leo.


Cherry Obsidian stimulates the higher heart chakra and balances your energy in that center.

It great for someone who is trying to see the spiritual purposes of their issues, allowing ones higher heart chakra to open up and to blossom into understating the underlying things that are causing the physical stuff one deals with.

Astrologically Cherry Obsidian is connected with the zodiac sign of Libra & Taurus.