Metaphisical Properties of Ocean Jasper ~ by Starlene Breiter

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Ocean jasper was discovered in Madagascar and that is said to be connected with Atlantis. The circular patterns of ocean jasper symbolizes the connection of us all and reminds us that nature is it cyclical, fluid and rhythmical. Ocean jasper helps to bring unresolved emotional issues to the surface so one can accept responsibility for oneself. It also assists one in acquiring and learning patience.

Physically ocean jasper helps to stabilize the hormones in one body and had a calming and soothing feel to it.

Ocean jasper is a high-spirited stone that helps lift one’s mood and brings joy to the user or one call to working with it. It helps one to be more positive about life and let go of depression or stress related energies.

Ocean jasper is a stone of cooperation, by using it or carrying it into any group situation, meeting, party, etc. Ocean jasper will bring a relaxing and cooperatives energy forth.

I personally like to have Ocean jasper in my office when meeting clients it helps to have a high-spirited energy and calm atmosphere around when giving readings or attunements.
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Color: Brown, Beige, Blueish-White Streaks & Circles

Type of stone: Ocean Jasper

Astrological: Leo & Capricorn

Magickal Uses: Joy, High Spirit, Stabilizes Hormones, Relieves Depression, Helps one in Accepting Responsibility

Namaste, Written by, Your Metaphysical Gemologer ~ Starlene Breiter RMT