Metaphysical Properties of Larimar ~ by Starlene Breiter

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Larimar is also known as Pectolite, it is a wonderful tool that will help one to work with their throat chakra. Larimar helps one to attune to the Goddess energy and assists women in gaining strength and confidence from within. It is a powerful stone to promote a soothing and relaxing environment.

You can use larimar in your healing practice to help balance the meridians or chakra system. It is said that one who wears larimar will help to unlock their deepest most inner voice and desires. Larimar is helpful at assisting one to articulate their style of communication and expressing ones emotions, because of this energy that larimar has, it is a wonderful stone for healers and caretakers of all types.

Larimar helps you to feel more content during times of stress. It does this by helping one to release the ego, resentment of things and judgment by allowing one to realize all things are exactly as they are Divinely suppose to be.

I personally love larimar because of its soft energy that helps me be more expressive and feel more confident in myself. When I am wearing larimar I notice a subtle and sometimes not so subtle energy of feeling what others are trying to say to me easier. Therefore it is helpful for me to wear larimar when I am doing intuitive or psychic readings.

Physically I have used larimar to cool excessive fire energy such as a fever or cold. I have also given a piece to someone that needed some soothing energy during pregnancy and help in relieving high blood pressure. As with any gemstone, please use it in conjunction with traditional medicine, as gemstones do not replace a doctor or medical professionals guidance!

Larimar is also a great stone to use for someone that has panic attacks, its soothing energy encourages healing and calms the nerves of someone that has anxiety.


Rock Specks
Color: Light Sky Blue

Type of stone: Larimar

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Astrological: Leo

Magickal Uses: Soothing Nerves, Dreaming, Enhancing Peacefulness, Telepathy, Throat Charka, Communication, Enhanced Divination, Creativity, Dream-work

NamasteWritten by,

Your Gemologer: Starlene Breiter RMT