Metaphysical Healing Properties of Larvikite ~ by Starlene Breiter

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★ Larvikite is often refered to as black moonstone, but it is not actually moonstone. It is also known as birdseye granite,  and is part of the feldspar family. Some mistakenly refer to it as labradorite, but it is not labradorite, it is a different stone then abradorite but it is in the same family as labradorite, known as feldspar. Larvirkite is found Norway and therefore is sometimes even refered to as blue Norwegian moonstone.

Larvikite is associated with the element of the earth and therefore has a powerful connection to the root and earth chakras. By placing larvikite at the base chakra it will help to strengthen your connection with the earth and help one feel more grounded and centered. If you are one of those people that tend to be somewhat ungrounded or feel light headed after meditation – larvikite can be used to help bring you “back into your body”.

Because Larvikite is associated with the element of the earth, it can be used to help repel negative energies and is a great stone to wear or carry with you to protect against harmful energies that may be surrounding you. So if you find yourself needing to be in a place where the energy feels “off” such as a work environment that you have to be, but don’t like the energy – then Larvikite could be a useful tool for deflecting those energies.

Larvikite is helpful for those that are learning new information, it allows our brains to create new pathways for knowledge. It helps by allowing us to understand things from a higher perspective and gives us an opportunity to resolve situations and make decisions not based purely on emotions.

Since larvikite stimulates the brain in such a way, it also lends itself towards tapping into our psychic abilities and our ability to travel through the dimensions of time. This can manifest itself in the manor of visions of past lives, connecting with Nature Spirits or helping us learn and connect with our higher self.

Astrologically Larvikite is connected to the Zodiac signs of Scorpio, Leo & Sagittarius

Chakras: Third Eye & Root Chakras

Color: Grey, Blue, Black with flashes

Vibrates to the number: 44

Location: Norway

Hardness: 6-6.5

Namaste – Written by: Starlene Breiter RMT

 ~Rocks And Reiki, Inc.~