Metaphysical Properties of Chiastolite ~ by Starlene Breiter

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Chiastolite is a sign of devotion, one can give it to a loved one to express their fondness and adoration to the other. It is one of those stones that is connected to love and healing energies. The green colored chiastolite is connected with the heart chakra, while the brown is more connected to the root or base chakra.

In ancient times chiastolite was used to ward off the “evil eye” and help protect one from curses and ill wishes. It can help to transmute conflict or discorded energies into a more tranquil and empathic vibe. Because of those factors – it is great for someone that is passing into the next realms and helpful for those that are facing the transition of death or rebirth into another situation. It can be very healing to someone that has a lot of fears about transitions into other things, this can be death or some other major or minor life transition.

Chiastolite is also known as Cross Stone and is a type of Andalusite.

I like to use chiastolite when working with someone that is trying to delve deeper into their spiritual side. Many people are aware of where they want to be spiritually but not sure how to get there, chiastolite can help them figure that out. Since it is a stone of transformations and helps one with their creativity and practical side – this stone can also be a great tool in manifesting ones desires.

Physically chiastolite is used for helping to reduce fevers, balancing the flow of blood in the body and in lactation in nursing mothers. Chiastolite has also been used in healing rheumatism and cleansing the body of over-acidification, it can also help stimulate nerve endings as well. I have used this for helping nerve injuries heal.

Chiastolite is also known as a lucky stone, try rubbing it to bring some good fortune into your life!

★ Rock Specks
Color: Brown & Black

Type of Stone: Chiastolite aka Cross Stone

Chakra: Base

Planet: Venus

Zodiac: Libra

Number: 3, 4

Hardness: 6.5-7.5

Location: Chile, Russia, Spain, Italy, Australia, USA

Key Words: Fever, Nerve Healing, Transitions, Lactation, Balances the Immune System, Healing Fears


NamasteWritten by,

Your Gemologer: Starlene Breiter RMT