Metaphysical Properties of Aragonite ~ by Starlene Breiter

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Aragonite is a wonderful Earth centering stone, it helps to transmute stressful energies from the Earth called geopathic stress into positive Earth energy. It’s a wonderful stone that helps recycle energy from negativity into positivity.

Aragonite also helps you go back in time to your past, lives or childhood even and heal the emotional wounds attached to you from the past. It allows mother earth to open up and receive those energies that may have kept you from moving forward in the present moment. As mother Earth absorbs these energies it radiates back to you a positive glow of healing energy through the aragonite crystal to you.

One of the beautiful things that aragonite can do for you is help you feel at home in your own physical body. I find that people that have long-term illnesses or stress related symptoms from either the past in this current lifetime or a past life benefit greatly from using aragonite. Aragonite helps to release those attachments that we have to those negative emotional patterns which then pave the way for new opportunities to come forward.

Physically aragonite is said to warm the body, so if you have a fever it’s probably best not to hold onto aragonite. Likewise if you’re cold than holding onto a piece of aragonite can help warm you up!

I like to use aragonite because it helps to balance my energy and raise my vibration at the same time. Lots of crystals that raise your vibration leave you feeling ungrounded, aragonite is not one of those crystals and therefore it resonates very much with me. It’s a wonderful stone to use in meditation because it allows you to be here in the ethereal realms while staying in your body at the same time. As a like to use it when I’m feeling a little bit floaty, it doesn’t bring me down to the earth too much but it helps me stay in my body and focus on the task at hand.

Rock Specks
Color: Light Brown

Type of stone: Aragonite

Chakra: Lower & Earth Chakras

Planet: Saturn

Number: 9

Hardness: 3.5-4

Astrological: Capricorn

Magickal Uses: Energy, Grounding, Patience, Earth-Healer, Transforms Geopathic Stress, Warms The Body


Namaste – Written by: Starlene Breiter RMT