Metaphysical Healing Properties of Apophyllite ~ by Starlene Breiter

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Apophyllite if in the zeolite family, and is typically either clear or green in color. It is connected with the crown and third eye chakras but it can assist with other chakras too. When placed on the heart chakra for instance, it creates a profound sense of well-being. When used in the crown and third eye chakra it helps to open those chakras and bring in a connected state of being.

Apophyllite is an attunement stone, it creates a conscious connection between the physical form & spiritual realm. Apophyllite is an excellent meditation tool that will help with perceiving the connection of all things in creation, as well as your role in balancing the earth’s energies.

In meditation with Apophyllite, focus on entering the stone itself. Once you get in the stone, you can travel in all directions of past, present and future lives and knowledge.

Apophyllite has been used in astral travel and assists in providing a clear and definitive connection to the physical body during astral travel.

This is one of the stones that allows one to remain fully conscious while astrally traveling and helps one with reading the Akashic records, past life experiences and exchanging communication with the spirit realms.

Apophyllite is the element of wind, green Apophyllite is also associated with the element of earth.

Placing 4 Apophyllite crystals in 4 corners of a room, desk, table or shelf and a 5th crystal in the center, creates a powerful geometric energy grid that will purify and clear any room. This is one of the stones that I personally place under my table when doing Reiki or energy healing work on someone. You can use the above described grid to do the same, or simply place one crystal under the table. Apophyllite is an excellent Reiki stone because it takes the client into deeper receptive states and moved the healers ego aside so transmission of energy is pure.

Apophyllite clears ones vision and psychic abilities. It can enhance the clarity of remote viewing and connection with other dimensional beings. Aside from other spiritual beings Apophyllite is an excellent stone for used in a healing sessions where spiritual understanding is necessary in order to recover from a physical imbalance.

Apophyllite is also helpful for those that have seemed to lost their way in the light and need an extra boost to find their ways back. It can assist one with courage and purpose to find their way back.

Color: Clear & White

Hardness: 4.5 to 5

Type of stone: Apophyllite

Chakra: Higher Chakras

Element: Wind (clear) & Water (Green)

Planet: Ethereal Realms

Numerology: 4

Magickal Uses: Connecting Spirit with the Physical, Opening Chakras, Dreams, Healing Insomnia, Stress Reduction, Releasing Fears

Namaste ~ Written by Starlene Breiter

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