Metaphysical Properties of Basalt – Lava Rock by ~ Starlene Breiter

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Basalt is an igneous volcanic rock that is basically molten lava that has solidified under intense heat and pressure. Basalt can be any color from grey to black. Basalt is also known as Lava Rock.

Since basalt is formed from molten lava, and molten lava was once rock that is heated so much it was liquid, you can only imagine the strength, fire and power contained within basalt! Basalt is also known as lava rock.

Basalt is a stone of strength and courage, it allows one the opportunity for stability throughout changes in their life. If you are going through a lot of shifts in your life then basalt would be a helpful stone for you. Basalt helps to diminish the negative aspects of one’s character and allow us one to see where modification of your character can be helpful.

Since basalt was once molten lava, it has the power of fire within. One drawn to basalt may need some fire her energy into their life.


Rock Specks

Color: Black

Type of stone: Basalt aka Lava Rock

Hardness: 2

Chakra: Crown and Higher Crown Chakras

Element: Fire & Earth

Planet: Earth

Numerological Number: 1

Astrological: Taurus & Cancer

Magickal Uses: Dream work, Enhancing Creativity, Communication, Cleansing Negativity


Namaste– Written by: Your Metaphysical Gemologer, Starlene Breiter RMT

 ~Rocks And Reiki, Inc.~