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Thanks for peeking at the Rock Info section of this website.

If you haven’t already guessed ~ I have an affinity for rocks, gemstones, crystals, minerals and the earth kingdom. It makes a lot of sense to me from an astrological point as I am mainly a very airy person, with a heavy dose of earth mixed in. With 7 planets in an air sign and 2 planets & my ascendant in earth signs – it’s no wonder the physical energies of the earth are easy for me to feel on a vibratory level.

This website is designed so you can read the different articles I have written about my experience with the mineral kingdom. All you need to do to access each individual article on each mineral is simply pull down the tab at the top that says Rock Info. There you will see the different categories A-C, D-G, H-N, O-T, U-Z and then each particular rock article under each category that is alphabetized. As we grow the site, you will also be able to click a link at the top of any of those articles and find gemstones & jewelery we have for sale with that particular rock in it, or you can search through the categories to the left to find the different things in the shop!

I have the knack for understanding the mineral world on and energetic level. Not only do I feel connected to the minerals of the earth from my natural earthy side, but I can understand them from an energetic perspective as well which is a natural Aquarian (air) thing to do. I have 4 planets and my mid-haven in Aquarius which makes me tuned into those finer energies of the mineral kingdom and interpret them in a language that others can understand. I know it may sound weird — but really — the rocks “speak” to me in their own language. Not necessarily as I am speaking to you, or you are reading this that I am writing, but more in a feeling, and energetic sort of way.

Under this section of my website, you will find a growing collection of articles on the metaphysical healing properties and lore of gemstones that I have written through my experience of each particular gemstone, crystal, mineral or rock. I will also list and write articles under this section that have to do with usages, formations, cleansing and healing practices with rocks and the like.

I know many people have ideas and thoughts of their own about working with rocks, and I welcome you to share your input with me by using the contact page. If you have a good article that you would like me to share on this page I would also be happy to do so. I feel that the more us gemstone workers share our own personal experience with working with the mineral kingdom, the more we all learn and grow.

I also ask that you do not share articles that are on my website, UNLESS you have written permission and include the direct link to the article itself. These articles have taken me countless hours and energy to write! If you have any questions about it, just read our copyright policy here.

With that said — enjoy reading, and be sure to check out the growing shop with gemstones & gemstone jewelry made by me too on this site!

Namaste Starlene Breiter RMT