Sign up for Free Distant Reiki Healing for 30 Days

If you have poked around the site, by now you should know a little about Reiki and are either interested in learning Reiki to experience it first hand or maybe you are looking to receive some Reiki to “test the waters”. Or you may already be a practitioner that could use a “jump-start” or know someone who needs some energy…

What you do…

If you would like to receive healing for 30 days from me, just fill in the form below. If you are requesting for someone else – please be sure to have their permission before requesting. Reiki only works for those willing to receive. Then all you need to do is state to the Universe that you are ready to receive Reiki for the next 30 days from Starlene. I need your name and city you live in. If you want me to focus the energy on something specific, just ask and I will.

What you receive…

I will begin to send healing to you the day after you request it. I will email you as soon as I can after you request it, but that may take a few days to get to. I start sending the day after, but the email can take a few days to get. I check all these email’s personally, some other email’s may get read by other people working here, but these are all read by me, Starlene, personally. I will confirm that I put you on my grid and invite you back in 30 days to add yourself again if you like.

How it works….

Nope, believe it or not – it’s not magic!  What I do is, I send Reiki distantly through my Reiki Crystal grid that I charge daily, below is a picture of the actual grid that I use. The grid is set up to hold a charge and send a continual stream of Reiki energy to those that are on the list for this healing grid. Every day I recharge the grid to keep the energy flowing. Reiki crystal healing grids like these are very powerful and wonderful tools, you can try one of your own!       

Whatever the reason, you don’t even need a reason, other than curiosity, feel free to add your name to my Reiki request list below.

This is one of the ways I like to give back to the Reiki community, so please do not be shy! I enjoy sharing light with everyone and look forward to sharing it with YOU!

 Namaste, Love and Light, Starlene

P.S. Please also read the disclaimer before adding your name to this list.

Please fill in all the information below so I know who to send it to and where to send it as well. Your information is kept confidential and only read by me.