My Ascendant and Chart Ruler

So I have been analyzing my chart ruler, which is Venus, and Venus in my natal (birth) chart is in Aquarius. You find the planet that is your chart ruler by looking at your ascendant. The ascendant basically means the constellation that is on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Since that changes every two hours you really need to know as accurately as possible, what your time of birth is. I actually have a story of my own about how essential it is to know your exact time as accurately as you can.

Having not been in possession of my actual birth certificate, I asked my parents what time I was born My dad told me sometime right after lunch and I believe it was my mom that told me about 12:35PM so up until I was almost 36 years old, I always thought my ascendant (aka Rising sign or AC) was in Aries. The planet that governs Aries is Mars and that would have made my chart ruler – Mars in my natal chart, is in my 12th house and in Taurus.

Well since I wasn’t 100% sure about the time – when my mom gave me my baby book just before my 36th birthday – it has my birth certificate in it. That was when I found out (to my surprise) I was born at 1:48PM! That would make my ascendant in Taurus and my chart ruler Venus in Aquarius, because Venus rules Taurus and my Venus is in the 10th house in Aquarius in my natal chart.

I find it amusing that even though for most of my life I thought I had an Aries rising and Mars was my chart ruler – I was still governed by Taurus or Venus and they both “rule” one another. I think that explains a lot why I gravitate towards Taurus people and they become my teachers in some way or another to me.

So it is interesting to me, when I realized that I am not governed by a planet of energy, pioneering spirit and swift motion (Mars) that is colored by an earthy pragmatic veil (Taurus). Rather my chart is ruled by an earthy, possession- oriented planet (Venus) that is colored by spontaneity, undisciplined, electricity and shock (Aquarius). It is interesting because both have similar qualities as one another but in a sort of more evolved way.

Anyhow, the point to that whole story is to know your birth time as accurately as possible because it can change your whole outlook on your personality. In some ways I identified with my chart ruler being Mars in Taurus, because I have always been an energetic person, and although I am energetic I have always had a pragmatic side to myself too. That is still part of my chart, because Mars is still in Taurus in my chart, just not as obvious or important factor as to how I present myself to the world.

The ascendant is called your “mask” what you project out into the world. It is how people perceive you, not necessarily the ego side of yourself, but how you are perceived by others. When you think about it being the point on the eastern horizon that is just peeking above the point of view when you were born, I see that as symbolic and just how the world is peeking into your personality… Key phrases here, “the world” & “is viewing you”. If we were talking about the placement of your sun, we would be talking about your ego, your core essence – but we are talking about the AC or rising sign, so its about how others see you, as that is truly what the ascendant is all about, your projections into the world and how the world is reflected back to you.

The part of my ascendant when I thought it was Aries with a ruling Mars in Taurus – that befuddled me, was that although I have always been energetic, I didn’t embody the aggressive nature that Aries is so often known for being. I have always had that sort of soothing, sweet, kind, and overly caring sort of nature that Venus is known for. I’ve also been told by people that I seem to be balanced and have a good grasp on my “inner core”. That is not so much a Mars trait as it is a Taurus trait, Mars would rather run, skip and jump to make something happen, while Venus is more inclined to sweetly try to work their way into things happening the way they want them to be. Like, don’t get me wrong, sure I want things to turn out the way I want them to – but I am not going to war over things if they don’t turn out in my favor. I know that everything happens for a reason and I am cool with that. Taurus, although a fixed sign it wants peace, comfort and stability more then it wants to fight, or aggressively conquer before looking to the next thing to take over. Aries wants to pursue, fight and dominate over it, just because that’s what Aries and Mars do… Venus and Taurus would rather just graze on the beautiful lush green grass and chill out some and hope things work out easily.

Which leads me to the present moment,, and my knowledge of Taurus being my ascendant and Venus being my chart ruler. First lets talk about Venus, it is the planet that everyone looks at to see what someone loves, sure that’s true.. but it is also the planet that one can view how the person can be comfortable, or better yet what they feel comfortable in. Like color your comforting/heart (Venus) with the zodiac that it lays in (in my case Aquarius) and you will get someone that is comfortable with the unusual, the eccentric, the eclectic, the unstable, society in general and humanity as a whole. Since Aquarius is more of a Universal energy instead of a personal energy like Venus, one with Venus in Aquarius can sometimes feel awkward in close personal relationships but perfectly fine being the center of attention in a group setting. I find that to be very true of who I am sometimes. The beauty of that same aspect in someones chart gives the person the opportunity to reach many people from many different backgrounds and situations because the Venus in Aquarius ruled person is not fearful of the unknown or so comfortable just being in the comfort of their own sphere that they are lazy and don’t want to go out and be bold in the world. There is always a positive and negative aspect to all of astrology, an ebb and flow of you will where you need to look at both sides of the same coin to understand.

I think after learning the correct ascendant for myself, it helped me understand who I am on a more deep level. I always had Venus in Aquarius in my natal chart, learning the new birth time for that did not change that aspect for me, but it did change that Venus in Aquarius was now the chart ruler and it changed my perspective on how much of an influence Venus really was for me.

For me I also feel that it helped me get in better touch with my heart. Venus always governs what we love and how we love, and understandingthat I embody and project towards others that I am a very loving person through my Taurus ascendant and my Venus in Aquarius chart ruler, helped me realize that its OK to be loving and caring.. its not weird, its just how I express the planets in my own natal chart, and those that understand that about me, become the closest people in my life. The most beautiful thing about astrology to me is that no matter how intense an aspect can be for someone, there is always someone else that will click with that in their own natal chart… Usually you find that person, and have curious feelings like, why do I feel this connection to someone… Then an astrologer will look at your chart and tell you — this is why and it all pieces together.

So here is to your ascendant, learning about who you are and what you project to the world and embracing that part of yourself!

Now, you tell me — Do you know where your ascendant is???

Starlene Breiter RMT

Starlene is an Astrologer, Metaphysical Gemologer, Reiki Master & Teacher and Spiritual Counselor. You can reach her websites by going to the above link. This article is copy-written in 2010 by if you would like to use it in your own blog or article, you must have written permission from us before using it. Contact us via the website above for details on how to get written permission for using the article.