Metaphysical Properties of Azurite ~ by Starlene Breiter

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Azurite’s main energy is that of opening up the channels of psychic development and increasing metaphysical powers. It facilitates the understanding of ones own mind and since it has a high copper content it helps to amplify the flow of energy.

Azurite is a great stone to help with connecting to the spirit realms, opening the mind, enhancing the mental process and developing an ability for self expression. One can use azurite in meditation or channeling as it helps to in spiritual development and moving the soul toward enlightenment!

I like to use azurite when I am working on releasing the old programming that we all have conditioned ourselves with. If you need to release and let go of stuff from childhood or even past lives, then azurite may be helpful in allowing you to do so. A lot of that old programming is fear based and azurite helps to bring peace and understanding to those old mind viruses.

I also like to use azurite on clients when they seem to be having a healing crisis, as it helps to bring things back into balance and allows one to let go of the emotional stress or nervousness that comes along with healing problems.

Psychically azurite also assists with developing the third eye chakra and helping one to open up to things intuitively. I have used azurite to help seal holes in ones aura or field of energy surrounding the body. Also if you have become stuck somehow, for instance board with things.. Azurite is a great stone to help you get unstuck! It helps because it opens up your mind center and allows you to see a wide array of possibilities and connections to life.

I have heard people tell me that coincidences, intuitive impressions and synchronicities are more enhanced when working with azurite. If you already seem to notice that sort of stuff, you will notice it more often and if you don’t seem to notice that stuff.. You should begin to after using or working with azurite.

Azurite is often found intermingled with malachite, they work beautifully together. It is thought that azurite and malachite mixed together are like connecting the ocean and the land in harmony!

Astrologically azurite is connected to the zodiac sun sign of Sagittarius

Planet: Venus

Number 1

Hardness 3.5-4

Chakra: Third Eyem Crown, Higher Chakras

Keywords: Psychic Protection, Memory Enhancement, Releasing Fears, Spirit Connection, Self-Expression, Stress Relief 


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Your Gemologer: Starlene Breiter RMT