Medical Marijuana – Elvy Musikka

In a few weeks — I will be interviewing Elvy Musikka on my radio show, Cosmic Conference Radio. Her story is amazingly inspiring to me. She is one of 4 people in the entire USA that has a federal medical marijuana prescription. Her life’s mission is to help inspire people and educate them on how the prohibition of medical marijuana is wrong.

She truly inspired me when I met her a few weeks ago. She was hanging with some of my long time friends that run the Norml group here in Florida. I had given medical marijuana thought before, but not much — honestly — I used to feel before that this fight was a lost cause.. (I know, not a very good *activist* thought there – but I am being honest here) BUT — after meeting Elvy and seeing her conviction and learning what she has already accomplished, it really inspired me to think about the things in my life that I feel very strongly towards and have my own conviction for them.
It reminds me of the thought —



I digress…

I really agree with Elvy’s cause, and her education because in all honesty – I didn’t realize how something as simple as a cannabis plant could actually BE so healing. She has taught me a lot! I am one of those people that will grab the colloidal silver before the antibiotics – so I like living closer to nature then depending on the pharmaceuticals sounds right to me.

So I guess my question to all of you — is how do you feel about the topic of medical marijuana.. And just so everyone is clear — I am not condoning the illegal use of marijuana here, I am simply asking opinions about the topic. I do not want to turn this into some – dare I say it – politically incorrect – thing (i cant believe I said that!) lol

Thoughts??? or throw just LOVE at me if you don’t have any thoughts!

Love ~Starlene Breiter